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DVB-S/S2/S2X Tuning

/opt/bin/mediaclient -m DVBS -f 12400000 -M 8PSK -S 27500000 -E 2/3 -V V

-m DVBS or DVBS2
-f Frequency in MHz
-M modulation 8PSK or QPSK
-S Symbol Rate
-V Voltage (V or H)
please note that those parameters very likely will not be valid for your setup and you might not get a [LOCKED]. This is only an example what the commandline string looks like. Adjust it to parameters which are suitable for your setup. Eg. get the DVB-S/S2 parameters from

DVB-C Tuning

/opt/bin/mediaclient -m DVBC -f 450000000 -S 6900000 -M Q256

-f Frequency in Hz
-S Symbol Rate
-M Modulation Q256 or Q128 or Q64

DVB-T/T2 Tuning

/opt/bin/mediaclient -m DVBT -f 450000000 -b 8

-f Frequency in Hz
-b bandwidth in Mhz

If the device supports DVB-T2 the driver will also lock on DVB-T2 transponder (regardless if DVBT only is set)

Reading Signal statistics

/opt/bin/mediaclient --readsignal=0 -d /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0

--readsignal=N N.. 0=infinite; N.. times
-d device name

Scanning transponder

/opt/bin/mediaclient --tsscan /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0