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Windows Drivers

Since we have been using various chipsets in the past, there are different drivers available.

Sundtek G2 Driver

Sundtek SkyTV 8

Sundtek SkyTV Dual

11. February 2021 (Initial Release)
Please note in win10 you will have to start the command "cmd" as administrator and run following command:

bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks on

this modification disables the signature check in Windows 10 (on older Windows Systems, press F8 during boot up and select disable the driver signature/certificate check) We will sign the driver and let microsoft cross-sign it after a few more updates and some more testing.

Testing 14.02.2021:
- added support for signal strength
- displaying SNR as signal Quality
- added Diseqc Support (using the Microsoft Interface)

Sundtek MTV Driver

Sundtek MediaTV Pro 3

Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home 3

Sundtek SkyTV 5

Sundtek SkyTV 6

Sundtek EM Driver (Tuners before 2014)

Sundtek Media TV Pro 2

Sundtek Media TV Pro 1

Sundtek SkyTV 3